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About the game
The game is constantly being changed, new elements are added such as new blows, characters or boards (some of them are ready to be downloaded in Download section). The current version of this game is marked with a number 1.9 . Characters with different abilities take part in this game.

When you switch the game on the menu with three options appears.

You must choose the first option from the top, “Start game”. There should appear the correct menu, “VS mode”, “Stage mode”...

Commands - Come, Stay, Move
In Stage Mode commands are very important. Sometimes there is need to order the team to charge to the attack but sometimes it may happen that waiting for the enemy is a better solution.

You should test all tactics. When there are many characters in the team it would be a waste of potencial not to use all of them.

Standard controls for Little Fighter 2

Data Changer – Guide
It’s a great guide how to create characters.

Probably one of the best ever created.

As you probably know when you want to create your own characters you will need Data Changer program, or to be specific, program which can decode files .dat because on that files all LF2 is based. The use of this program is as easy as the use of Notebook. You will also need a program to process bmp. files. The program which is used the most often is MS Paint.

Description of Characters
All characters have special costume and attributes. In any mode you can type at the character selection screen get get access to all characters! Play with powerful LouisEX, Firzen or Julian. Here you can read short description of each character.

Game Through Hamachi
I'll write everything from the beginning.

You have to start with installing LF :D

It is important to install original version of Little Fighter 2 not the mod.

Game Through Internet - Multiplayer
Now I will shortly write how to play Little fighter 2 in multiplayer mode.

First of all you go to the network game in lf2 menu.

VS MODE: This mode can be treated as a training session. It is a single game.

Special Tricks
First :Firzen is an effect of combining Firen and Freeze...
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