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Boss LF3
Try to fight with BOSS... but not only one. In this mod there are a lot of modified characters.
03.04.2008 01:59:14 Downloads: 48686 Download
20,8 mb Rate: Add Comment

LF 4 Turbo
Mod with fantastic characters. When you will download LF 4 Turbo just play Stage Mode. This is very good mod!
03.04.2008 01:54:52 Downloads: 65535 Download
33,6 mb Rate: Add Comment

Dragon Ball Modification
31.08.2007 11:49:58 Downloads: 65535 Download
26,5 mb Rate: Add Comment

Little Fighter 2 Dark
This is the second version of Little Fighter Night

Mod is dangerous, exciting, cool and powerful with a special dark effect.

For more info visit:

Little Fighter Dark
11.01.2010 15:13:49 Downloads: 41728 Download
19,4 mb Rate: Add Comment

Little Fighter 2 Night
Many characters with unique skills, nice gameplay and too short but very good stage mode.

For more info visit:

Little Fighter 2 Night
11.01.2010 15:02:01 Downloads: 34768 Download
25 mb Rate: Add Comment

Little Fighter 2.5
This is it! Little Fighter 2.5 download is now available on! Little Fighter 2.5 combines orginal LF2 characters with characters from LF3 mod. There are extra characters, weapons and backgrounds.
03.04.2008 02:07:58 Downloads: 65535 Download
23 mb Rate: Add Comment

Little Fighter 3
Yeah! Little Fighter 3 download is now available! This is only a modification of the popular game Little Fighter 2. Very good modification...
03.04.2008 01:57:03 Downloads: 65535 Download
21,2 mb Rate: Add Comment

Little Fighter 3 v3.6
This is only a modification of LF2. There are a lot of great characters. Stage Mode is very hard but gameplay is awesome! You must download that freeware mod.
03.04.2008 01:51:15 Downloads: 65535 Download
31,6 mb Rate: Add Comment

Naruto Mod
Very popular Naruto Mod. Awesome characters!
02.09.2007 15:53:55 Downloads: 65535 Download
27,7 mb Rate: Add Comment

Robotical Mod
Fight and use BIG robots!
02.09.2007 16:02:53 Downloads: 29567 Download
8,95 mb Rate: Add Comment

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