About the game
Posted by admin on May 08 2007 13:31:37
This is the second part of a simple but also very engaging fighting game, which was created in 1999 by two incredible tallented programists - Marti Wong and Starsky Wong. The popularity of this game is based on simple rules, great playability and, in spite of its age, still visually attractive manga graphics. It is worth mentioning something more about it.

Screen from the game

The graphics is similar to this which is found in classical anime films, that is why the fans of Dragonball and other productions of this kind will find many similarities here.

The game is constantly being changed, new elements are added such as new blows, characters or boards (some of them are ready to be downloaded in Download section). The current version of this game is marked with a number 1.9 . Characters with different abilities take part in this game. Every character is controlled in a different way, what makes the whole game (or rather a fight ) more varied. Each of them has a lot of unique, special atacks which can be used to get rid of the opponent in an effective way. All combinations of keys which are needed to obtain a certain combos can be found in Trick&tips section. All changes done to the game will be described in News section.

More informations

Miminum system requirements:
Celeron 300 / K6-2 300 or better

Operation system:
Windows 95/98 with DirectX 6.0 or higher

Screen resolution:
800x600 or higher, 16 bit colors